Linus confirms that open source technology is not subject to us export controls
Last week, the Linux foundation published a white paper "understanding open source technology and U.S. export control" on its official website. It said: "open source technology that is publicly released to the world for enjoyment is not subject to us export control ear, and open source is still the most convenient mode of global cooperation.".
Last year GitHub suddenly announced that open source code would also be subject to us export control. Ear made programmers all over the world worry. However, the announcement of the Linux foundation also let the vast number of programmers breathe a sigh of relief. However, as the Linux foundation said, if the open source technology jointly developed by multiple programmers is strictly restricted by any party, then the entire open source community will There is a risk of chain break.

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1. What is the US export control ear
The scope of jurisdiction of the United States export administration regulations is very broad. It includes not only products, equipment and materials with high scientific and technological content, but also many ordinary commodities, provided that the products are not under the jurisdiction of its laws and regulations. In fact, many commodities without specific export control classification codes are also under the jurisdiction of the export administration regulations. There is a general designation for these commodities, ear99.
Among them, the open source code restriction is indeed the first time. According to relevant information disclosure, the types of products on the US export restriction list will be further increased.
2. Most open source technologies will not be affected
Section 734.7 of the ear states that technologies that are accessible to the public without further dissemination of the status quo will not be subject to the export control regulations of the United States ear, which also means that most open source technologies will not be restricted.
At the same time, the encryption technology that may be restricted can take some ways to meet the requirements without being regulated. There are two main means.

(1) The source code is publicly available
(2) To send an email to bis or NSA for notification, the content of the email needs to include the URL address of the publicly available source code (or the source code itself)
On the whole, as the most developed country in the world, if the technology restriction led by the United States is bound to hinder the progress of the world, all countries must abandon the concept of "taking" and strive to develop their own technology, so as not to be restrained by other countries.

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