5g R16 standard was officially released and the application scenarios were furth
According to the news on July 7, 2020, 3GPP TSG emeeting finally confirmed 3GPP 5g release-16 function and ASN. 1 freeze, and will officially release release release-16 series technical specifications after the meeting. 
This deployment will further accelerate the global 5g network deployment process. According to relevant information, 3GPP has launched the research work on rel-17 technical standard, and will continue to enhance the existing version of the standard.

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Compared with rel-15, rel-16 network further optimizes the existing network function core process, and also supports massive Internet of things equipment terminals to access the network at the same time, pushing the continuous reduction of the cost and power consumption of the Internet of animals, and further improving the network energy efficiency. By introducing SMF and UPF features, rel-16 network is more flexible to support super large-scale network deployment and edge computing Application.
In addition to the above improvement, rel-16 network location service has been further enhanced, which will provide higher precision location service for massive business application scenarios.
Rel-16 network for the first time to achieve high-precision clock synchronization (accuracy up to hundreds of nanoseconds) and time sensitive communication functions, which can keep data warm at a given time to deliver to the destination, that is, neither in advance nor late. With the network big data collection and intelligent analysis, more and more application scenarios will be explored and adopted.
There is no doubt that rel-16 is a further improvement and supplement to rel-15 and a major innovation of 5g technology into large-scale commercial field. It is believed that with the further standardization and supplement of technical standards, the majority of basic users will be closer and closer to enjoying the dividends of 5g technology. 

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