2G network withdrawal is a foregone conclusion! The era of Nb IOT and cat. 1 has
At present, a notice on the construction scale of Nb IOT network in 2020 issued by China Mobile pointed out that the currently hot NB IOT / 4G CAT1 / 1bis technology will undertake 2G IOT business, and Jiuding will stop new IOT users by the end of 2020, promote the more effective and comprehensive coverage of Nb IOT and CAT1 technology, and realize the re cultivation of 900MHz frequency.
According to the overall construction principle, this operation of China Mobile will further improve the coverage of Nb IOT signal, accelerate the transfer of 2G IOT business to NB IOT network, accelerate the exit of 2G network from the historical stage, create new application scenarios in the field of Internet of things, and build new network competitive advantages.
From a global point of view, 2G out of the network is the general trend. In the global scope, most countries have defined the 2G / 3G off grid time, which is expected to reach the completion of the project before 2025. And so far, it is an irreversible trend for all operators to accelerate 2G network withdrawal and accelerate the deployment of Nb IOT and cat. 1.

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Can NB IOT achieve its goal of 100 million this year?
As an independent frequency band approved for operation in China, the 2G withdrawal of the network will undoubtedly usher in another wave of development dividend for NB IOT. According to the requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Nb IOT will achieve full coverage in 2020, and will further cover indoor, traffic network, underground pipe network and other fields.
In addition, China's NB chip R & D field has also developed from Huawei's alone to the current state of many hundred schools of thought; for example, start-ups such as core shifting and core wing technology have also obtained a lot of orders in the bright future of the market. Although there are still many gaps between them, with more and more enterprises joining the Nb chip market, they will be able to Promote the further development of the market.
When can new expensive cat. 1 fly to the sky?
This year's Internet of things rookie cat. 1 will also get a new round of development from the wave of 2G withdrawal.
With the withdrawal of 2G, EMTC and cat. 1 will carry more and more connection tasks. Because the development of EMTC requires the construction of a large number of infrastructure to support the development of EMTC, all operators have no time to consider. Therefore, cat. 1, which belongs to 4G, can directly use the existing resources of 4G without increasing the capital of infrastructure. Therefore, in the future, cat. 1 will undertake the task More and more connection tasks.
At present, the main suppliers of cat. 1 chips mainly include Qualcomm international and domestic Ziguang zhanrui, Aojie technology ASR. With the gradual rise of cat. 1, I firmly believe that more and more chip giants at home and abroad will join in the production of cat. 1 chip field.
2G withdrawal not only means the end of 2G network era, but also represents the coming of a new era. With the gradual updating of the network, the field of Internet of things will also provide more and more high-quality services for customers.

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