Successful development of 5g millimeter wave chip in China
Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, disclosed in an interview that Nanjing network communication and security Zijinshan laboratory has developed a CMOS millimeter wave fully integrated 4-channel phased array chip, and completed chip packaging and testing. The cost of each channel will be from 1000 yuan to 20 yuan. At the same time, they also packaged a large-scale active millimeter wave antenna array, chip and antenna integrated with 1024 channel antenna units The array strives to be commercially available in 5g system in 2022.
In today's environment of technological blockade in the United States, the success of the research and development of 5mm wave chips has indeed injected a strong shot into Chinese enterprises. Whether now or in the future, China's technological independence is necessary and necessary, or with its own strength, it will be strangled by others.

Millimeter wave chip is the core of high-capacity 5g mobile communication, which has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. It is the short board in China's short board. The successful development of 5g millimeter wave chip researched by ourselves broke the foreign technology blockade and monopoly for the first time.
China has made a breakthrough in millimeter wave chip technology, and 5g construction cost will be greatly reduced, which is equivalent to a direct reduction of 98% of the cost. With the combination of 5g research, China's 5g construction rate will be greatly improved, which is in the leading stage of world development.
What is millimeter wave? What are the characteristics of millimeter wave?
Millimeter wave refers to the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is in the order of millimeter, and its frequency is about 30ghz-300ghz. According to the communication principle, the higher the carrier frequency is, the larger the signal bandwidth can be achieved. In the millimeter wave band. 28ghz band and 60GHz band are the two most promising bands to be used on 5g; when millimeter wave band is used, the spectrum bandwidth is easily doubled by 10 times.
According to the above professional knowledge, millimeter wave communication spectrum resources are more abundant. In the 5g era, its transmission efficiency will be greatly improved.
According to relevant information, the number of 5g patent applications in China has accounted for 34.02% of the world's total, ranking first in the world. At the same time, the 5g base station will complete millions of construction by the end of 2020. Correspondingly, China still lacks certain basic strength and voice in some key technology fields, but I firmly believe that with the passage of time, the key technology foundation of China is right Strength must be further improved and supplemented.

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