The deepest 5g network in the world has been deployed
According to relevant reports, China Mobile and Huawei helped Xinyuan company of Yangmei group to open and optimize the first underground 5g network of coal mines in China, which is also the deepest underground 5g network in the world.
Although the technology of 5g network layout on the bottom has gradually matured after more than one year's development, there are still many difficulties in the construction of the underground 5g network. How to effectively transmit 5g signals from the base station to the underground hundreds of meters is still a big difficulty.

How to need the real-time back transmission of underground operation video, it must need a large uplink bandwidth to support, if it needs the real-time back transmission of high-density 4K HD video, it must need a larger bandwidth network to support, if it can cover 5g signal perfectly in the underground hundreds of meters, the problem of real-time high-definition back transmission of video will be solved effectively.
The "5g ultra Gigabyte uplink solution" jointly launched by China Mobile and Huawei will bring the ultimate experience of love ultra Gigabyte to the underground. It can accurately get all kinds of safety production data and environmental video through the high-definition video screen, and ensure the safety and efficiency of underground operation.
5g intelligent solution can not only ensure the high-definition real-time upload of underground video screen, but also further realize the high-definition video screen call and various data fast transmission on the underground well, and also can intelligently control the remote intelligent equipment. If it can realize the efficient and intelligent control of underground precision equipment through 5g network, it will certainly reduce the number of people and improve the efficiency for the mine work Safety production lays a solid foundation.
There is no doubt that with the further upgrading and improvement of 5g network, more and more application scenarios will be mined and used. In the future, no matter the high-end technology industry or the high-density, high labor-intensive industry such as underground operation, it will inevitably change dramatically with the improvement of 5g technology.

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