Intelligent System for Face Recognition, Ticket Brushing, Intelligent Police Eye

If you want to ask what is the biggest challenge of the Spring Festival? Young people will say it's fighting wit and bravery with seven aunts and eight aunts, middle-aged people will say it's pushing cups on the table for a change, and old people will say it's parting after a happy reunion.

Indeed, it's really not easy to go home during the Spring Festival. Firstly, it's a smokeless war to grab train tickets, and then rush to the railway station to face the queue security of slow dogs, but all these can be tolerated! But the most painful thing is that you lost your ID card at the railway station and couldn't get home by bus. However, these problems seem to be solved during the Spring Festival Games this year! On the one hand, it owes to the improvement of our railway system, on the other hand, to the development of artificial intelligence technology.


So what artificial intelligence technologies are hidden in the bustling railway stations? Let's have a look together.


Face Recognition 10 seconds Replacement of Temporary ID Card


Since June 2011, the real-name system has been implemented for train tickets. Since then, identity cards have become an important voucher for traveling by train. Not only do I. D. cards need to be collected, but also I. D. cards are needed to prove your identity for the security check-in. However, the station is crowded and miscellaneous, and there are always some careless people who get on the train nearby and lose their identity cards. In the past, it was necessary to go to temporary places to fill in ID cards, find places and queue up for formalities. It was very likely that the boarding time would be delayed.


However, this year, some railway stations in China, such as Shenyang North Railway Station and Changchun Railway Station, have set up a "temporary ID card self-replenishment machine", which can handle the temporary ID card in 10 seconds at the fastest. In addition to the railway station, the police in Chongqing and other places are also using face recognition system to quickly process temporary identity cards. With this printed temporary ID card, tickets can be purchased through the manual window, and passengers can also enter the station through the artificial channel.


It is understood that the "temporary ID card self-service machine" uses face recognition technology and Internet big data technology. Its processing steps are: first, input the ID number, and then face recognition through the camera. Once the recognition is completed, the temporary ID card can be printed out, which is very convenient and fast. "Temporary ID Card Autonomous Replenishment Machine" is also much faster than manual work. In the past, it took three working days to process temporary ID card, but now each machine can replenish more than 100 temporary ID cards for passengers every day.


Intelligent Security Gate Realizes "Unmanned" Security Inspection


When I get my ID card, I'm about to stop. In recent years, face-brushing stations have gradually expanded throughout the country. Many cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Taiyuan and Wuhan, have put into use face recognition ticket checking system. Zhongchuan Airport in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, has also opened the face recognition registration mode. Brushing face and registering make the speed of arrival faster than before. However, at present, the application of facial brushing is just beginning. Many passengers will inevitably not operate when they first use it, resulting in a slower arrival speed. But it is worth affirming that once people are familiar with face brushing, the speed of entering the station will be safer and more efficient than the manual check-in


After entering the station, we still need to face security checks. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, the current security checks are all people with the same checks. In the past, when the suitcase or something was put on the conveyor belt, the security inspector would sweep around us with the instrument in front of and behind us for about 5-10 seconds, which is absolutely the most time-consuming and laborious thing during the Spring Festival Transport. Now with the application of artificial intelligence technology, security inspection is not only "unmanned", but also increased to 2-3 seconds.


This year, a new intelligent security gate was installed at Dalian Station. It is different from ordinary security gates. It can not only read passenger information and images accurately, but also has high accuracy and efficiency. Whenever a passenger passes through the door, the display screen on the intelligent security gate will accurately detect whether the passenger is carrying contraband and accurately display the location of the contraband. After that, the staff will register the passengers carrying the contraband and dispose of the contraband.



Robots provide 24-hour inquiry service


Having successfully passed the security check, he entered the station and was a step closer to home. However, although there are many large screens and broadcasts in the station, it is inevitable that some passengers will miss the news. At this time, they need to ask the staff for advice, and the staff will be too busy to ask.


This year, Taiyuan Railway Station has a special worker, a robot named Xiaoyuan, who can serve passengers 24 hours. Xiaoyuan has the functions of automatic face recognition, voice inquiry, etc. It can also provide standardized and self-service services for passengers and reduce the workload of station staff.


Not only in Taiyuan, but also in Yinchuan Railway Station, an inquiry robot named "Xinjia" is on duty. It can guide passengers to the waiting area and find the time of train trips. It can also inquire about some simple information about the station and outside the station. It can also provide VR navigation in Yinchuan Railway Station, so that passengers can get a closer understanding of the situation of the railway station.


In addition, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shenzhen North Railway Station, Ningbo Railway Station, Jinan West Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Qingdao North Railway Station also provide guidance and inquiry services for robotic passengers.



Smart glasses identify suspects at a glance


During the Spring Festival, the railway station was crowded and miscellaneous, which was also a good opportunity for illegal personnel to fish in troubled waters. However, during the Spring Festival Games this year, in front of policemen wearing smart glasses, the bad guys trembled with fear.


It is understood that during the Spring Festival Transport this year, Zhengzhou Railway Police used portrait-to-police spectacles at four entrances of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, which enabled police officers to efficiently screen out those who were registered on the Internet as fugitives or who falsely used other people's identity documents.

The glasses resemble Google Glasses and contain a camera. Police officers wearing the glasses can take photos of suspicious people on the spot, then connect to the police database, provide personal information such as names, ethnic groups, gender, address, which hotel they live in, Internet applications, and screen out the fugitives among waiting passengers.


At present, the police have seized 7 online fugitives suspected of kidnapping and trafficking in human beings, causing traffic accidents and escaping, as well as 26 people who falsely use other people's identity documents. Police glasses can lock a target in 0.1 seconds from a database of 10,000 people. In practical applications, the recognition speed may decrease due to environmental noise.


Toilets have also been upgraded intelligently


People have three urgencies. During the Spring Festival Movement, the toilet also suffers tremendous pressure. The unpleasant smell will also affect people's body and mind. This year, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station has upgraded some toilets intelligently by installing "Intelligent Guide System for Toilets".


Using the Internet of Things technology, the sensor in the toilet is connected with the electronic screen at the entrance. The electronic screen at the entrance of the toilet not only shows the spatial plan and the distribution of each toilet seat, but also indicates whether the toilet seat is being used by alternating red and green colors. There is also an LED display above each toilet that says "Someone" or "Nobody".


On the one hand, passengers can arrange their time reasonably according to the information displayed on the screen, thus avoiding long queues in the toilet with large suitcases. On the other hand, the cleaner can clean the bathroom in time according to the condition shown.


Conclusion: Intelligence brings convenience to life


In recent years, the trend of intelligent railway station is becoming more and more obvious. This is because the railway station belongs to a public place with huge traffic, which not only has a high demand for safety, health and service, but also has a huge challenge to the efficiency of service. Therefore, it has become the most obvious performance of AI technology and the scene that makes people feel the deepest.


Although artificial intelligence technology has only made breakthroughs in face recognition at present, we can see from its application in railway station that the most important of any technology is landing application, and the same technology can also have different applications in the same scene. For example, face recognition technology can be used not only in security cameras, but also in ticket checkers and temporary ID card replacement machines. These applications are really to help people solve problems and improve the convenience and quality of life.


For intelligent life, the railway station is just one of the highly miniaturized scenes. It is undeniable that AI technology is slowly immersing into our lives, whether it is intelligent city, intelligent transportation, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment, so that we really feel the convenience brought by the development of science and technology.

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