What achievements have operators made in the first anniversary of 5g license?
On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g business licenses to four major operators, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Radio and television, marking the official opening of the first year of 5g business.
In this year, the pattern of China's telecommunications industry has also undergone tremendous changes. China Telecom and China Unicom took the lead in building 5g network jointly, followed by China Mobile and China Radio and television, which also issued a joint statement that they will build and share 5g network. The "2 + 2" model of China's 5g operator marks the official establishment.

The deployment of 5g network really needs a lot of small base stations to improve its coverage, and the construction cost of each small base station in the early stage is very high, with a single cost between 500000-600000. In addition to the high cost of base stations, the deployment of 5g network also includes a series of costs such as transmission network and core network. Therefore, each operator will pay for the deployment of 5g network through the way of grouping Used to minimize.
China Mobile has opened 140000 5g base stations and more than 50 million 5g package users
As the leading force of 5g, China Mobile has disclosed to the relevant media that it has opened the bidding of the world's largest 5g phase II wireless network main equipment and SA core network equipment, striving to ensure that 5g commercial services will be provided in all cities above prefecture level in the country within this year.
In addition to meeting the 5g commercial services of all prefecture level cities, on April 30 this year, China Mobile completed and opened 5g base station of 6500 meters forward camp of Everest, realizing the coverage of 5g signal to the climbing line and peak of the north slope of Everest.
In addition to meeting the basic network coverage, China Mobile also continues to launch various 5g packages to attract users, including personal version of 128 yuan to 598 yuan seven gears, family version of 169 yuan to 869 yuan five gears, and also launched a variety of 5g upgrade packages to meet the needs of different customers.
China Unicom can use up to 130000 5g base stations
On April 23, 2019, China Unicom took the lead in carrying out the "7 + 33 + n" network deployment strategy. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of 5g base stations deployed by China Unicom will reach more than 300000, realizing the full coverage of all 5g networks including prefecture level cities.
In addition, China Unicom established "China Unicom 5g application innovation alliance" at the 5g industrial ecology exhibition. At present, 800 enterprises have joined in, which will further accelerate the realization and landing of 5g business in a more comprehensive way.
China Telecom has opened more than 140000 5g base stations
China Telecom said that it has opened more than 140000 5g base stations, and is expected to deploy more than 300000 5g base stations nationwide in the third quarter. In addition to the prefecture level cities, some county-level and township developed areas will also enjoy high-speed and high-quality 5g network services.
In addition to stepping up the deployment of 5g network, China Telecom also actively promoted the establishment of 5g SA technology deployment standardization protocol, and enhanced China Telecom's voice in international standards. In addition, China Telecom took the lead in realizing 5g based on IPv6 and cloud network integration architecture in the world SA deployment, cross manufacturer switching, cross province roaming call and other business capabilities, users can upgrade to 5g SA without changing card or number.
China Radio and television: build and share 5g with China Mobile, 5g terminal will be released soon
In addition to the 5g co construction and sharing base station jointly issued and signed by China Radio and China Mobile, China Radio and television is gradually ahead of other operators in terms of product talk.
With China's Broadcasting 5g construction gradually entering the stage of full development, the communication industry chain in the low-frequency segment is becoming more and more mature, and the products of some terminal equipment manufacturers' middle and low-end mobile phones are slowly entering the test stage through the broadcasting channel, ensuring the diversified deployment of 5g products.

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