Qualcomm launches the first batch of Wi Fi 6e chips
According to foreign news, the US chip giant announced the launch of two sets of products for routers and mobile phones, both of which support WiFi 6e. The mobile phone chips belong to Qualcomm's fastconnect series and will eventually be integrated with snapdragon chips. Among them, the Wi Fi 6e chip for router belongs to the Qualcomm networking Pro Series, with four versions in total. The highest theory of the chip ranges from 5.4gbps to 10.8gbps.

In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened a new 6GHz spectrum for Wi Fi last month. This time, we have to expand the Wi Fi spectrum, which should also greatly improve the performance of this chip.

Picture from "Huicong electronic network"

"I personally expect that this kind of chip will be put into application soon, especially in the field of high-end mobile phones, coupled with the newly opened 6GHz spectrum addition, the theoretical speed will reach 3gbps-3.6gbps," said Jones, vice president of Qualcomm Technology
1. What is wi-fi 6e
Wi Fi 6e is a new field of Wi Fi 6 technology, which extends Wi Fi 6 to 6GHz band. At the beginning of this year, the Wi Fi alliance officially named this new Wi Fi 6 technology field Wi Fi 6e. In other words, extending Wi Fi 6 to 6GHz can be called Wi Fi 6e, which is an iteration of technology.
It is because this kind of Wi Fi 6 extends to 6GHz band that Qualcomm's Wi Fi 6e chip can have a greater opportunity to show its high speed.
2. The difference between Wi Fi 6e and Wi Fi 6
Compared with WiFi 6, the biggest difference between WiFi 6e and WiFi 6 is the introduction of 6GHz frequency band. A richer frequency band will provide a richer spectrum resources and a higher transmission efficiency.
At the same time, because 6GHz band itself has a wide band, and the new band of WiFi 6e, it can more efficiently and conveniently implement various spectrum management strategies, so as to achieve higher performance, greater throughput and lower delay.
3. How long is the relevant product on the market
There is no doubt that Wi Fi 6e has incomparable advantages compared with Wi Fi 6. In addition, with the introduction of Qualcomm's Wi Fi 6e chip, the following Wi Fi 6e products will soon come out. Under the premise of mature basic chips, with the further exploration of the application market, various products will also usher in a warm land suitable for development, with all flowers in bloom.
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