She is the most lovely person in Changhong!
"Grandma Wang, Uncle Zhang, how are you doing recently?" In Changhong staff hospital, you can always hear the voice of Doctor Liu Chaoyan asking the patient kindly. Because he has been working in the hospital for more than 20 years, many patients are familiar with and like this lovely professional doctor.
In July 1993, Liu Chaoyan graduated from Xinxiang Medical College of Henan Province and worked in the Fifth People's Hospital of Mianyang City. A chance coincidence, Liu Chaoyan entered Changhong staff hospital work, has been working so far. For more than 20 years, Liu Chaoyan has successively served as resident physician, attending physician, director of medical department, director of internal medicine and President of Changhong staff hospital, and has been recognized by patients and their families with excellent technology and excellent service.

Professional forecast, prepare orders in advance
As a doctor, she should deal with the problems of outpatients and be responsible for them; as a president, she should pay attention to the implementation of the core medical system, constantly improve the hospital's awareness of medical service, and serve the vast number of on-the-job and retired employees. The workload is heavy and the task is heavy, but Liu Chaoyan, with a sense of responsibility and great efforts, wholeheartedly takes good care of the patients and benefits the employees in his own post, and wins unanimous praise. When faced with the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, she has never had any withdrawal from the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. She has no hesitation and has taken the heavy responsibility to fight against the epidemic.
"Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility". Novel coronavirus pneumonia weightier than Mount Tai. As a medical worker, Liu Zhaoyan understands the seriousness of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. He knows more about life than Mount Tai. So she organized the procurement of Changhong hospital's first time to purchase epidemic prevention materials. Because of professional prediction and accurate action, the infrared thermometer purchased by Changhong hospital plays an important role in the subsidiary companies that have started in advance, especially for the sea. The subsidiary company of foreign supply solves the necessary conditions for commencement and ensures the timely completion of overseas orders.

At the same time, she asked all medical staff to strengthen personal protection, immediately set up a hospital pre examination triage, do a good job in patient medical registration, to avoid the occurrence of clustered epidemic situation of patients, and to conduct timely referral in case of fever.
Doctors are benevolent and rush forward under the epidemic
"I am a doctor and a party member. I know that the epidemic is dangerous, and I should stick to the front line." After the outbreak of the epidemic, Liu Chaoyan immediately established the Changhong hospital epidemic prevention and control team according to the deployment and requirements of the group company's epidemic prevention and control working group. Every day, he went to the hospital on time to check and implement the protection of medical workers on duty, check the registration of inpatients and outpatients, and focus on screening suspicious objects.
From January 26, Liu Chaoyan led the members of the epidemic prevention and control team to the power supply company, Huafeng company, new energy company, air conditioning company, two center property company and other units that returned to work in advance, preached the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, personal protection measures, disinfection treatment methods in the plant area and public areas, answered the staff's consultation phone at any time to give more professional guidance, exceeding the burden for more than 10 days in a row He's working.

"To be honest, I'm really tired. Sometimes I can't keep up with my physical strength at all, but I know my major. I have to go at the critical moment." In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention, Liu Chaoyan received and called hundreds of people every day, personally diagnosed and treated the sick employees by phone, and guided them to take medicine. She also worked closely with the company's prevention and control office to do a good job in telephone interview, situation tracking and professional guidance for quarantine personnel and people with physical discomfort, and organized medical workers in the hospital to learn the diagnosis, treatment and prevention and control knowledge of new coronavirus pneumonia online and offline, so as to improve the professional level of service.
The epidemic situation is coming, the company's employees don't know enough about pneumonia, the knowledge from all kinds of ways is not professional, and people are in panic. At this time, people who have professional epidemic prevention knowledge are urgently needed to stand up and give more comprehensive and professional guidance. There is no suspense, Liu Chaoyan stood out, with her professional, her dedication, her sense of responsibility to promote and explain the relevant knowledge, to eat a reassuring pill for everyone.

Novel coronavirus is a great responsibility for Liu Zhaoyan. In order to give more professional knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, she uses night time to learn the diagnosis and treatment plan of new coronavirus pneumonia, and study the new crown virus pneumonia prevention and control knowledge released by the provincial and municipal centers for disease control. Epidemic programme.
Liu Zhaoyan novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control knowledge manual was developed by the company in collaboration with the company's safety, environmental protection and occupation health department, and the emergency plan of Changhong hospital has played a positive role in regulating and standardizing the epidemic prevention work of the whole company. The novel coronavirus pneumonia control knowledge and warm tips issued by her were published on Changhong OA and micro Changhong official account, guiding staff to use epidemic prevention materials correctly and do personal protection. These measures are appropriate and have played a huge role in the company's anti epidemic.

"Although the epidemic is terrible, we can definitely overcome it!" Liu Chaoyan said so and did so: she wrote with her actions the feelings of "respecting life, saving the dead and helping the wounded, being willing to dedicate and loving the boundless". After more than 20 years of medical experience, she has never forgotten the responsibility and responsibility of the doctor. The doctor's benevolence deserves it!

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