Microsoft hololens 2 VR glasses will be launched
It is speculated that Microsoft hololens2 VR glasses will be launched, powered by the combination of Qualcomm snapdragon 850 chipset and customized holographic processing unit; a camera for scientific research and depth measurement is added on the front of the headset, which can recognize and map objects, recognize hands and gestures for touching, grasping and moving objects, and is equipped with eye detection function, and can also execute voice commands.
The VR glasses, which will be released at the end of 2019, are expected to be released in the United States and some European regions. As for whether they will be finally sold in Greater China, it has not been clearly indicated.

Image from fast Tech

The first generation of hololens released by Microsoft was released in the Netherlands in 2017. At the beginning of its release, because of its advanced playing methods and concepts, it attracted the attention of the whole world.
Its latest generation of hollens 2 VR glasses began its initial R & D design in early 2019. After more than a year of debugging and improvement, it is finally decided to launch in the United States and a few European regions this year.
Compared with the previous generation of hololens, the latest hololens 2 VR eye is equipped with a more powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 850 chip, which will provide users with a richer choice of functions. At the same time, the latest holographic processing unit will provide users with twice the field of vision and video angle of the previous generation of hololens.
In addition to the above functions, the front wireless headset and eye detection function will provide users with a richer audio-visual sensory experience.
The addition of front wireless headphones will enable users to recognize hands and gestures more easily, and ensure users to grasp the moving objects in front of their eyes more conveniently. Meanwhile, the glasses detection function will enable users to operate the voice equipment conveniently and efficiently.
There is no doubt that with the gradual improvement of 5g, more and more intelligent devices will get more excellent audio-visual service experience. I always firmly believe that there will be more and more advanced intelligent devices in people's lives and change our lives.
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