"Intelligent tattoo comes", our intelligent life will not be far away!
With the development of the times, "tattoo" is more and more popular among young people, and it has become a new trend of spread. No matter at home or abroad, many young people have taken tattoo as a way of personality catharsis.
Recently, American researcher chaotic moon invented a "smart tattoo" - tech tats. With this intelligent tattoo, people can carry out real-time detection and protection of their health status.

This intelligent tattoo named tech tats, in addition to being able to change the shape freely according to the choice of customers like ordinary tattoos, the paper thin circuit board is the implication of its main functions. The circuit board is built with very complex coils and circuits. With its own circuit board, the tattoo can detect the physical condition of the user in real time.
1. Innovation of the way of circuit board adsorbing human body
Whether this kind of tattoo with circuit board can be recognized by the market or not, the innovative spirit of putting circuit board on the human body surface is also a great innovation.
Current tech Tats uses external circuit board to detect some basic data of human body in terms of function, although some of them are simple, but if the circuit board can realize the implantation of human skin without causing any harm to human body, it will be able to achieve further upgrading and improvement of function, and it will be able to be applied to other intelligent devices to promote further upgrading and improvement.
2. The introduction of built-in chips will change the overall environment of intelligent devices
There is no doubt that the built-in chip will lead to dramatic changes in the entire intelligent device industry. The control of any intelligent device only needs to be directly converted through brain signals, and no more cumbersome operation through mobile devices.
It's obvious that in the field of our smart phones, maybe in the future, the smart phones are just hands, everything is controlled by the brain, and the screen intelligence is displayed in front of us.
In short, the patch tattoo of Tech tats may disappear in the course of time, but through the scheme and thinking of Tech tats, it will contribute indelible power to the innovation of human spirit.

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