Should the nest fee be charged?

What is the most devastating online shopping experience? Maybe you are waiting for the newly purchased rice flour oil to come to your door at home, but you don't wait for the express delivery to receive a message: "Dear customer, your goods have been placed in the ×× Fengchao express cabinet...".
Now the latest version is that when you choose to pick up the next day due to fatigue, you are told that Fengchao will charge a overtime fee - which will make it worse for the families who are not rich.
On April 30, Fengchao announced that it had entered the era of membership. From now on, only the paid members of Fengchao can enjoy the service of overtime receipt. The monthly and quarterly membership fees are 5 yuan and 12 yuan respectively. Non member users will be charged for more than 12 hours, and will be charged 0.5 yuan per 12 hours after the timeout, with a ceiling of 3 yuan.
According to the current price level, Fengchao's price is actually not high, but it has aroused public anger. In this paper, we will discuss why Fengchao conspired for the "fly leg" of fifty cents? Is this charge really unreasonable? Why are you so dissatisfied?
1. It's not just fifty cents
The first outbreak of Fengchao charges occurred in Hangzhou in early May. On May 6, Hangzhou dongxinyuan community forced to cut off the power of Fengchao's cabinet machine due to its dissatisfaction with the charging system of 0.5 yuan for each delayed collection. Then anger began to spread between the community and the city. As of today (May 9), nearly 50 communities in Shanghai are ready to "say no to Fengchao".
It seems that the world has been suffering for a long time.
In a related microblog released by sina science and technology, there are three attitudes to hot reviews. Most of them are totally dissatisfied. "I complained about putting the express cabinet again." the express delivery is not coming, I'm really drunk. ".

There are also user support charges, but the 12-hour limit should be appropriately relaxed.
in a small-scale survey we did, there are similar results. In terms of the rationality of charging, most users think that the current charging time of more than 12 hours is unreasonable.

But not all users who think it's unreasonable refuse to pay. The main problem is about 12 hours. In the survey of "how long should we charge for overtime", nearly half of readers think that 24 hours is relatively reasonable.
The 12 hour limit is too short because people at the company can't guarantee delivery within 12 hours.  
"I just got on the subway at about eight in the morning and received the notice of arrival, but the problem is that I couldn't get home at eight in the evening. I must pay for the use of Fengchao. " Living in Shanghai and spending two hours commuting every day, little D said in an interview with us.  
According to the 2018 China urban commuting research report released by Aurora big data, the average commuting time in Hangzhou, which initially resisted the charges of Fengchao, was 44 minutes, compared with 54 minutes in Shanghai. In a city with a lot of work pressure, it's not a matter to work + commute for more than 12 hours.  
When people end a day's hard work and spend another hour or two in traffic, they finally arrive at the community, but they have to go to the express cabinet to pick up the express, and pay for their "overdue" payment.
It's not a lot of money to pay, but it's enough to ignite the emotion.
The rapid transfer of a variety of emotions also makes "Fengchao" search heat began to rise. Baidu Index shows that on April 30, the first round of discussion was triggered by the introduction of overtime charging system in Fengchao express cabinet. Although the heat declined slightly, today, Fengchao responded to the power failure in dongxinyuan District, and the search heat reached a new peak.

"Fengchao is unable to provide free services to the owners while paying high venue fees," Fengchao said in response.
Owners who protect their legitimate rights and interests, couriers who pursue efficiency, Fengchao who try to charge, and every member of the chain have their own reasons. This makes the whole thing look like a little bit of a Russell gate.
2. Why is Fengchao short of these fifty cents?
Back then, express cabinets were once considered a good business.  
On the auspicious day of June 6, 2015, Fengchao was born under the great attention of all the people. Five top logistics companies, namely Shunfeng, Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda and pulos, announced the establishment of the company with an investment of 500 million yuan.  
Up to now, Fengchao technology has successively raised more than 5.5 billion yuan in four rounds, with a market valuation of nearly 10 billion yuan. Under the accumulation of money, the number of Fengchao express cabinets soared, almost doubling every year in the first three years of its establishment.
By 2019, Fengchao express cabinets have reached 170000, covering more than 110 cities.

Under the rapid growth, its business model has repeatedly been questioned "whether it works". Even if the giant continues to transfuse blood, Fengchao's burning money is still endless, and the loss even has the trend of expansion.
On the one hand, the high operation cost of express cabinets includes hardware cost, site rent, equipment depreciation, laying agent commission, maintenance fee and electricity fee. According to the insiders, the basic cost of laying cabinets is about 40000-50000 / set at present. On the one hand, it is a weak source of income. The income of Fengchao express cabinet only comes from the income of couriers (about 3-40 cents per order), advertising and mailing.
It is difficult to cover the huge operating costs with a thin income. According to the public information, in the past five years, the net loss of Fengchao has increased year by year, reaching 385 million yuan in 2017, almost the same as that of 2017 in the first five months of 2018 (250 million yuan), and reached 781 million yuan in 2019.  
Plus a net loss of 245 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020, according to rough statistics, Fengchao has lost at least 2 billion yuan in five years.

The difficulty of making profits in the express cabinet industry has shaken the original giants. In 2018, in the third year of Fengchao's establishment, Yunda, Shentong and other investors successively withdrew their capital. By June 14, 2018, all Tongda express companies had withdrawn from the list of shareholders of Fengchao. In December 2019, the company withdrew from the Fengchao equity list.
The withdrawal of capital has forced Fengchao to speed up the process of commercialization, but from the current action, Fengchao has not found an effective way of commercialization, and 5 yuan may be a helpless attempt.
DT Jun roughly calculated the current overtime charge and found that the fee of 50 cents might really help Fengchao out of the dilemma.  
We roughly conjectured the income and calculated an account for Fengchao. Suppose a delivery cabinet can reach 100 users, and each user is willing to pay for the deposit service. Based on the monthly membership of 5 yuan / month, 170000 express cabinets can increase the monthly income by 85 million yuan. Even if the quarterly membership is 12 yuan / quarter, the monthly income can increase by 68 million yuan, which is 820 million yuan a year.
However, Fengchao's own explanation is that the online membership system is to speed up the circulation and improve the number of available slots every day.

3. Express cabinet charge reasonable horse?
We are not sure about the real purpose of this move, but from the perspective of ordinary consumers, there is no need to pay for the loss of Fengchao.  
For some consumers, the existence of express cabinets reduces the consumption experience to a certain extent. The most direct case is that Shunfeng express, which is famous for its high-quality service, often chooses to deliver goods to the door, but seldom uses the Fengchao express cabinet of Shunfeng holding (your products, your details).
However, from the express terminal, the establishment of express cabinets can improve the efficiency of logistics operation and the development of express industry.  
When online shopping becomes a habit, China's express delivery volume is also growing. In 2018 and 2019, the number of express packages in China was 50.7 billion and 63.5 billion respectively - still growing rapidly.

The emergence of express cabinets and other deposit points mainly solves the efficiency problem of "the last kilometer". Using the express cabinet, the courier can place the packages in the same area in a centralized and fixed place, effectively reducing the delivery pressure and improving the distribution efficiency.
According to the data from the State Post Office, in 2019, the number of intelligent express cabinets deployed in major cities in China has reached 406000, and the box delivery rate (express mail delivered through express cabinets) has exceeded 10%.
Xiaoli, a courier, told DT finance and economics, "in the past, a courier needs to make a phone call to confirm whether the receiver is at home, and then carry the courier upstairs and downstairs to the door of his home. Sometimes it takes several hours for a community to deliver it.". If I put it directly in the express cabinet, it may only take me about half an hour, so I can have time to collect more pieces. After all, the income from collecting pieces is far greater than the income from dispatching. "
That's why couriers prefer to pay 0.35-0.6 yuan from the delivery fee of more than 1 yuan per order, but also use Fengchao to increase their income.  
On the whole, although the emergence of express cabinets has reduced the use experience of consumers, it has also liberated part of the transportation capacity, which to a certain extent contributes to the distribution efficiency of "cross province next day delivery" or even "same day delivery". If the extreme assumption is that the express cabinets including Fengchao will disappear and the transportation capacity is limited, will our express delivery still reach the current delivery level?
After all, the express cabinet has become just needed, in fact, it has undertaken the obligation of social public resources. When online purchase becomes the norm, similar receiving points are more like the infrastructure that community property should be improved. For a commercial company, paying a high admission fee but still providing free services is really unbearable.

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