Apple tag, innovation or buying sentiment?
As a global well-known intelligent device company, Apple will cause people's queuing to buy and similar manufacturers' competing imitation every time it launches new products. As a global well-known intelligent device company, Apple has exerted its innovation ability to the extreme.
Whether the news that apple is about to launch a new Apple product will come to people's attention, but most of them are groundless and lack of practical basis. However, an industry report released in April last year by industry analyst Guo Mingfu pointed out that Apple will launch a tracking and positioning label product based on UWB technology this year, in addition to the upcoming iPhone Besides 9 and Iwatch 5, there is another one more thing. Most people guess that it refers to the previously speculated Apple tag. 

the picture is from "shouhu"

There is no doubt that Apple needs more products to enrich its ecosystem. A large number of Apple users seem to no longer satisfy the services of basic service devices such as iPhone, Iwatch, iPad and homepod. For apple, the supplement of new products is necessary and necessary.
All in all, whether Apple's new products can be perfectly integrated into Apple's existing ecosystem is an important indicator that determines whether the product depends on other products on the market.
According to the disclosure of existing documents, apple The existing planning function of tag is basically the same as that of the Bluetooth loss preventer on the market. Through the connection function of the product and the mobile phone, we can quickly find the objects in the area through the operation within a certain range. When the distance between the tracker and the mobile phone exceeds a certain range, the disconnection will be detected automatically and an alarm will be given.
New apple here Compared with the Bluetooth loss preventer on the market, tag basically has the same function. Different production schemes and different connection methods are used to realize the same function. Such products are not necessary for the majority of consumers. Most of them think that they can be bought but not bought. Therefore, as the largest manufacturer of Bluetooth loss preventer in China, nut once said:“ This product has a wide range of applications, but now most people's awareness of using it has not been fully established. At present, the main marketing channel of this product is still to sell as a gift, large-scale orders and shipments are not practical, or small-scale to C services are the main.
1. The Bluetooth loss preventer on the market adopts the Bluetooth scheme. Although Bluetooth 5.0 has obvious advantages and characteristics such as low power consumption and long distance compared with previous generations of Bluetooth technology, due to the influence of Bluetooth basic technology, the current Bluetooth loss preventer on the market can not carry out the positioning function, so it can only carry out the location prediction through the algorithm, but according to the disclosed app At present, Le tag adopts UWB scheme, which can position at centimeter level. Compared with similar products on the market, it has obvious advantages, but on the other hand, the cost will be much higher.
2. As mentioned above, apple Compared with other similar products on the market, tag can rely on the huge user group provided by Apple's ecosystem, and its acceptance degree will be much higher than that of similar products on the market. If it can perfectly integrate into Apple's existing ecosystem, and appear in front of users with a complete set of ecosystem services, it will attract many apple The user's interest.
All in all, the impact of Apple's upcoming Apple tag on the market is unknown. However, Apple's ability to influence the consumption concept of ordinary users through its own influence will certainly promote the market to move forward.