Internet of things technology and real life
For the first time, Nan'an intelligent court has adopted remote video technology to conduct a remote trial on an electric vehicle theft case in the way of cloud court session. The defendant does not need to go to the court scene, and can use video technology in Nan'an detention center to open a court session in an isolated space with judges and prosecutors.
This is the first time that Internet of things technology has been used in court. The development of this event also marks that Internet of things technology is getting closer to our life. I believe that there will be more and more Internet of things technology in our actual life in the future. 

With the great heat of 5g technology in last year, the Internet of things has indeed become a big name in 2019 with the trend of 5g. The combination of 5g technology and Internet of things technology will make the application field of Internet of things further expanded, and it will be further innovated whether in the field of personal application or in the field of commercial application.
In fact, the Internet of things technology is based on the purpose of serving the vast consumer population since its birth, but in recent years, the development speed of Internet of things technology has not reached the growth speed of people's demand, so many Internet of things projects have not been implemented in practice, and have not directly served the vast consumer.
Since the birth of Internet of things technology, many Internet of things technologies have been used in people's lives. 

1. Smart home
Smart home can be said to be the most common application of Internet of things technology in real life. Nowadays, China's market is full of smart home products of various brands. No matter millet, euribo or Huawei, it has already occupied 78% of China's market, and has brought many ancillary industrial economies, such as smart home installation business and wisdom Home supporting business and so on, have formed the perfect equipment supporting market economy. 

2. All kinds of Municipal Service Application
Municipal Service application is also a great example of the application of Internet of things technology in the market. Whether it's a smart parking project or a smart water and other municipal projects, Internet of things technology plays a leading role in ensuring the normal operation of the project. And with the deepening of smart municipal projects, Internet of things technology plays an increasingly important role 。
Smart municipal projects have been developed in China for many years. Although for ordinary consumers, they may not reach the level that affects their daily life, the lack of operation of this part will inevitably make the life of ordinary consumers feel inadaptable to a certain extent.

3. Application of Internet of things in high-precision projects
In addition to the application of some common consumption areas and some municipal areas to a greater extent, the Internet of things technology also has many applications in some high-precision projects. For example, the current field of unmanned operation and driverless, as well as the cloud court and other high-tech fields mentioned above, are all high-tech fields with relatively more application and implementation of Internet of things technology. I believe that with the continuous maturity of 5g technology and the continuous supplement of more mature innovative technologies, Internet of things technology will be more important in our life Exhibition.