Where will the next tuyere be? These industries need more attention in the secon
2018 is over, and 2019 is mostly over! Many Internet users are groping for the next draught in the real world. As long as they stand on the draught, even pigs can fly. Everyone knows this truth, but where is the new tuyere, who can take the lead in finding the tuyere, who can succeed in the next Internet of Things tuyere. They are the focus of attention of many people on the Internet of Things. 

This week's Changhong Internet of Things will summarize the industries that may emerge in the next Internet of Things outlet, hoping to provide some direction and reference for the vast Internet of Things people who are exploring in the Internet of Things industry. 

一、Classification of garbage
On July 1, 2019, the Regulations on the Classification and Management of Waste in Shanghai were formally implemented. After more than 20 years of advocacy, Shanghai took the lead in incorporating waste classification into the legal framework, and it has a trend of spreading rapidly to the whole country.
According to the research of Shanghai Urban Investigation Team, up to now, more than 98.9% of people have expressed their willingness to do the garbage classification by themselves, but less than 20% of them can do the correct garbage classification. Therefore, there is a high voice for the application of Internet of Things technology in the garbage classification industry, whether placed at home. All kinds of garbage sorting devices based on Internet of Things and AI technology, as well as sensors installed on ordinary garbage cans and intelligent AI learning garbage cans, will be favored by the market and become the next outlet products of the Internet of Things industry once they are launched. 

二、Healthy old-age care
According to relevant statistics, by 2025, the number of the elderly population in China will reach about 500 million. Although the family planning policy is slowing down now, due to the change of people's concept, the trend of population aging in China will not be improved significantly.
China's elderly industry is not only a simple nursing home industry, but also a huge industrial chain including pharmacy, health care products, physical examination and nutrition. If Internet of Things products can pay more attention to the elderly market, aiming at the problems that the elderly may encounter in their lives, this paper puts forward a pertinent one. The whole set of solutions will certainly maintain a relatively high growth potential. 

三、New Energy Vehicle
China's coal production is very large, there are many coal production bases throughout the country, but oil resources are very dependent on the supply of imports.
In the Ningde era, the power lithium battery manufacturer, the domestic electric vehicle giant BYD in addition to Tesla in the United States and so on, in fact, the upstream and downstream supply chain of electric vehicles has basically matured, coupled with China's policy orientation, in the future, it is beyond doubt that electric vehicles will replace fuel vehicles, and now electric vehicles are not big enough. The main reason for the area is still the immaturity of technology.
For the vast number of Internet of Things, if we can launch a series of Internet of Things products for the application field of electric vehicles, it will surely quickly occupy the market, such as the ability to automatically detect various data of electric vehicles, and then users can view and analyze various data through mobile phones, so as to reduce the spontaneous combustion rate of electric vehicles. And so on.

四、Traditional industries
In the highly permeated Internet industry today, a lot of traditional industries have not fallen down. Instead, they have adopted the "Internet +" mode to burst into the new spring, thus achieving another upgrading of products and services.
In fact, the greatest changes in the traditional industry in the Internet of Things and the Internet era are mainly reflected in two aspects: 1. the subversion of efficiency; 2. the transformation of enterprise mode. For example, the current car washing industry, due to the introduction of automatic car washers, a large number of traditional car washing industry has been upgraded completely, reducing a large number of labor costs. At the same time, the service has been upgraded and improved in an all-round way.
As long as we can grasp the pain points of traditional industries, use the Internet of Things and Internet technology to improve its efficiency to a greater extent, it will lead to the birth of a new tuyere industry.                  
Where is the next tuyere? Many people want to know. As our vast number of Internet of Things, what we need to do now is to calm down, observe carefully, seize the opportunity of the next outlet, and use Internet of Things technology to change the world! 

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