What You Don't Know in the New Ventilation of Waste Classification Economy
Over the past month, "wet garbage", "dry garbage", "harmful garbage" and "recyclable garbage" have been torturing the patience of Shanghainese people, and there has also been something that Shanghai programmers can't help sending garbage to Kunshan garbage station.
In Shanghai garbage classification incident has contributed a lot of wonderful passages to various regions of the country, at the same time, do you see the meaning behind it? So this week's Changhong Internet of Things will bring you something you don't know about in the new outlet of the "garbage sorting economy". 

According to the statistics of relevant departments, garbage classification will bring about nearly trillions of economic increments to the market. In addition to the traditional garbage bin production industry, the majority of AI practitioners are also thinking about whether the new AI technology can be used in the new air outlet of garbage classification.
1、How does AI classify garbage
The classification of garbage has been discussed for a long time. There are three main schemes. One is to make a "dictionary" or "picture" for all kinds of garbage, so that each garbage can be "learnt" directly. For each input of garbage, garbage cans can be automatically identified through built-in programs. The second is to use our in-depth learning. For most of the garbage, the garbage is identified directly, and our garbage is classified directly by means of other AI means.
2、Prospects of AI Application in Waste Classification
With the call of policy, the first face recognition AI trash can appeared in Beijing recently has caught people's attention. As soon as it was launched, it has attracted the attention of all parties.
The face recognition AI garbage can first recognize the faces of the residents in the community and record them in the cloud platform of the garbage can. For each garbage delivery of the residents in the community, the face recognition AI garbage can be recorded. In addition to opening the garbage bin automatically and classifying the garbage automatically, the different garbage thrown will also be recorded. Grade points are given to the launcher, and different points can be exchanged for different necessities.
As the current technology of automatic garbage bin classification is not perfect, it has attracted the attention of many companies that focus on algorithm provision, including Archaeological Computing.
3、AI's Summary of Waste Classification
Sometimes you want to classify garbage well for the sake of improving the environment, but in reality, you haven't found that you have made a mistake in the project of garbage classification, and the result is just the opposite.
With the maturity of AI technology in the classification of garbage cans, most people are confused about whether coffee cups with similar appearance belong to the classification of "dry garbage" or "wet garbage", which can be easily solved. Moreover, with the deepening of AI technology, the transportation of garbage cans has not been noticed by people. Use will make people more refreshing. 

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