Several technology companies jointly Sue trump
On August 10 local time, Amazon, Facebook, apple, Microsoft and other 52 U.S. technology companies jointly submitted a legal document to support the ban on foreign workers suing trump. They said in the document that Trump's claim that the decree can protect American workers is actually a "false assumption". On the contrary, the ban will hurt American enterprises, thus damaging the already troubled American economy. 

The picture is from "global science and technology network"
This is the longest administrative order in the history of a group of American enterprises jointly suing current president trump for suspending the issuance of H-1B and other work visa and restricting the entry of some foreign workers after the Chinese enterprises threatened to sue trump.
Some U.S. observers said that the ban could not protect American workers well. On the contrary, the ban would damage American enterprises and the already troubled U.S. economy.
In addition, as early as June this year, current US President trump has issued a license issuance order, extending the suspension of the issuance of some green cards and h1-8 work visa, so as to restrict the entry of some foreign workers. The suspension of the issuance of H-1B and other work visa will affect the work of more foreign employees.
As a matter of fact, as early as July 21, the American Chamber of Commerce (USCC), in conjunction with the national Manufacturers Association (NMA), the American Retail Federation (NRF), TechNet, and intrax (international training schools and exchanges) and other industry associations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and Acting Secretary of homeland security, Chad Wolfe, have been meeting with Secretary of state pompeio and Acting Secretary of homeland security, Chad Wolfe, as early as July 21.                  
This lawsuit also marks that more and more American enterprises are more and more disgusted with Trump's radical foreign policy. This not only can't protect the American working class, but also seriously affects the existing interests of American enterprises. It also pushes a large number of scientific and technological talents to other countries, which will be abandoned by the times. 

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