Byte dance agrees to split tiktok service in the United States
According to a number of US media reports, trump will order byte skipping to sell tiktok. When U.S. President trump left the White House on July 31, he said that the White House was considering different plans to deal with tiktok. On August 1, two people familiar with the matter said byte hop had agreed to completely divest tiktok's U.S. operations. Byte hopping had previously tried to hold a minority stake in tiktok's US business, but was rejected by the White House. According to the new deal proposal, byte hopping will completely withdraw and Microsoft will take over tiktok's business in the United States, the source said. Some U.S. - based byte hopping investors may have a chance to acquire a minority stake in the business.
Prohibit China's overseas market, China's TikTok has a high market share in the world. The US blockade of TikTok also marks the further blockade of high-tech tiktok in China, and the production environment of Chinese enterprises in the US market will be further compressed. 

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According to relevant sources, when trump announced on Friday that it would ban tiktok's business in the United States, the parent company of tiktok, byte hopping, had hoped to retain a minority stake in tiktok's U.S. business, but it was rejected by the White House. This also marks that byte jump will completely withdraw from the U.S. market, and the follow-up business will be directly taken over by Microsoft.
At present, tiktok has about 30 million monthly live users in the United States, accounting for 5% of the global audience. About 42% of users are between 18 and 24 years old, and 27% of users are between 13 and 17 years old. It indicates that nearly seven layers of young users in the United States are using tiktok again.
According to a report, without being blocked by the United States, the number of tiktok users in the United States will reach 45.4 million in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 21.9%. In 2021, the number of users will reach 52.2 million. App Annie's data shows that tiktok's overseas global monthly active users will be about 200 million. Moreover, tiktok's overseas users are still in a state of rapid growth, due to the increase in advertising revenue, byte hopping management expected Annual revenue will reach $6 billion.
This incident also marks the further increase of the US blockade on Chinese enterprises, which has a certain warning effect on the subsequent entry of Chinese enterprises into the US market, especially adding more uncertain factors to the already unhealthy Sino US relations.

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