The awakening of Zhen · houlang! Changhong's new employees are here
Time flies and stars change. What does not change is that new employees are green and astringent at the beginning of their stay; the eternal thing is that they are full of vigor and vitality!

In this cicada sound bursts, lotus full pond season, I believe that many people have their own harvest. For the general public, it may be the peace and joy after the epidemic situation is stable; for Changhong, it is a trickle of new blood, which is more vigorous; and for new employees, it is the end of their student era and the sailing of a new stage of life.
On this strange road, they will face a strange environment, a strange crowd, and perhaps they will feel a little uneasy and uncomfortable in life. However, in the seventh district of Changhong, in the corner of Mianyang, Changhong's orientation work will make new employees feel more concerned. This kind of care is not only a kind of verbal solicitude, but also a real and intimate service. With the support of this belief, the work of recruiting new students in 2020 starts the journey.

1. Welcome the new with heart
Just like a simple formula, behind the short pithy formula, there should be sufficient preparation to support it. The same is true of the new employee registration this time. Each step seems to be a simple process, but in fact, it is closely related to the needs of new employees, so that everyone can have a comfortable stay experience.

In order to prevent novel coronavirus from attacking and ensure the safety of new employees, taking the health of employees as the first priority, the company took the form of new employees reporting in batches. For this reason, the personnel department has prepared sufficient living materials and anti epidemic materials early, and the seven district property management has also carried out the renovation and maintenance of the dormitory, and cooperated with the employer hr of the whole company to carry out the acceptance of the house, so as to make sufficient preparation for the new employees to report in smoothly.

Under the guidance of the company's epidemic prevention Office, the staff also tested the temperature of new employees at the reporting site, and distributed thermometers to the employees who need to be isolated, urged them to report their body temperature on schedule and disinfect the room at intervals. The reception staff with a rigorous and careful attitude to ensure the smooth reception of new employees.

2, 1+1 we are more awesome
During the orientation period, the staff perform their own duties, and the new employees also actively cooperate, showing the effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2.

After the temperature check-in, the registration of new employees will be carried out. Under the guidance of the new employees, they will take out all the information prepared in advance, which makes the whole check-in process very smooth and efficient.

After the check-in procedures are completed, the staff take the initiative to help the new employees carry their luggage, provide mineral water, daily necessities, etc., so as to make the new employees' experience more comfortable.
Then the staff carefully explained the use of housing facilities, let new employees join the mutual aid group, in the scorching sun, the cooperation of new and old employees adds a bit of freshness to the summer.

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