National first! Changhong 5g ushers in a major breakthrough
On July 3, Changhong Ailian successfully developed the first domestic super small 5g communication module ai-nr11. The 5g module can be widely used in the fields of intelligent industry, smart energy, medical health, video security, etc., especially for the scenes with strict requirements on module size such as ultra-small cameras and precision measuring instruments. This is another breakthrough after the world's first 5g industrial internet module (ai-nr10) was offline in Changhong. 

Both ai-nr11 and ai-nr10 are designed with Shanghai Hisilicon 5g module middleware, supporting 5g / 4G / 3G multiple network systems, 5g NR N1 / N3 / n28 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79 full band network, and SA and NSA networking modes. It can support up to 4.6gbps (DL) / 1.2gbps (UL) connection rate, and achieve more breakthroughs.
Among them, the ai-nr11 5g module adopts the standard m.2 packaging design, the width is only 5mm wider than the 1 yuan coin, which truly achieves the same size as 4G module.

In addition, as early as March, Allianz signed the "5g global first authorization" cooperation agreement with Shanghai Hisilicon, and realized scale business in intelligent manufacturing, multimedia, energy, transportation and other fields. The successful development of 5g modules supporting standard m.2 packaging is another in-depth cooperation between the two sides to promote 5g modules to meet the needs of scenarios.
The successful development of ai-nr11 module enriches the product array of Ailian 5g module. 5g, 5g, etc. were launched on February 20. Among them, the world's first 5g industrial internet module can be widely used in 5g industrial production line, industrial Internet of things, industrial automation control, logistics tracking, industrial AR, AGV car and other industrial intelligent manufacturing fields. 

At present, Allianz has a production capacity of 12 million pieces / month for various modules, and has provided connection services for 300 million Internet of things terminals for mainstream enterprises at home and abroad. It is a well-known Internet of things module provider in China. 

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