From Shenzhen to Mianyang, Changhong craftsmen have never changed their original
Liu Guanghong, 50, represents the ordinary employees on Changhong's production line. They may not be good at communication, or they may be introverted. But as soon as they stand on the production line, they are full of self-confidence. No matter how the internal and external environment changes, they can use their superb technology to solve the problems and problems on the production line. They are the creators of Changhong's continuous improvement and the best spokesmen of Changhong's "craftsmanship spirit", so that the ship can sail smoothly without fear of any wind and rain.

Unlike many people, Liu Guanghong was already a skilled professional before he came to Changhong. In 2010, Liu Guanghong, just over 40 years old, was introduced into Changhong company as a technical talent. Here, his technology has been further developed.
From Shenzhen to Mianyang, although the spatial position has changed, Liu Guanghong is still engaged in the same work. After joining the Changhong family, he was assigned to a high-end, high-tech skilled Seiko company. For the next ten years, Liu Guanghong has been staying on the production line of Jinggong company, trying hard to do his own thing well.
Take the initiative to ask for help to solve "difficult and complicated problems"
Founded in October 2006, Changhong Jijia Seiko is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and sales of sheet metal stamping products, precision sheet metal molds, aluminum alloy die-casting products, surface decoration and electroplating products. As a result of years of solid technical support, Liu Guanghong became the mold director of the project team as soon as he arrived in Changhong. He fully participated in the establishment of the first automatic stamping line for LCD TV module backplane in Sichuan Province. Based on this support, he established the first automatic stamping workshop of Changhong company, the metal parts processing center of 503 module of skilled Seiko, which greatly improved the production efficiency.
Liu Guanghong is familiar with the production line after many years of practical operation. He can see the problems almost immediately. In the face of these problems, Liu Guanghong did not flinch at all. Instead, he took the initiative to solve the bottleneck problem. Over the years, with his efforts, many problems have been solved quickly, and tens of millions of yuan has been generated for the company.

In 2016, Liu Guanghong took the lead in solving the problem of q3r aluminum-plastic backplane T-shaped counterbore stamping industry. Compared with industry machining, the efficiency was increased by 800%, and the processing cost was reduced. In 2017, as the mold director, Liu Guanghong actively promoted the landing and application of the "Research on automatic processing technology of metal appearance parts" of Jijia Jinggong No.1 Project. Through the project, he established the independent design platform of key tooling and fixture of Jijia company, realized the smooth mass production delivery of many products, and created an output value of tens of millions of yuan for the company.
In 2018, Changhong company launched innovative drawer structure products with unique structure. In the process of batch processing, the mold pusher swayed rapidly and unstable, resulting in a yield rate of less than 70%. At this critical moment, Liu Guanghong creatively put forward the structure of discharge plate sleeve inlaid with slide block to solve the repeated action precision of pushing block and greatly improve the yield of product processing。

In addition, as an important member of the company's project, Liu Guanghong participated in the establishment of Changhong's first 1000 ton stamping line, which realized the automatic processing of 75-86 inch backplane products, reduced the processing cost and saved the processing cost.
Teach by example and teach by example
During his ten years in Changhong, Liu Guanghong has always been conscientious in his work, not only as a dedicated industrial worker, he has made great efforts to do a good job in his own work, but also preached his own example to carry out the work of "teaching, helping and guiding".
"Master with apprentice" is a major feature of Changhong's technology inheritance, and also a guarantee of Changhong's quality. Liu Guanghong's superb skills are generally acknowledged in his excellent craftsmanship. Therefore, he actively carried out the work of "passing on, helping and guiding", and taught his own skills and experience in the production line to new people. Up to now, Liu Guanghong has trained 13 disciples successively, and the disciples have not failed the master. Now they have become the backbone of each production line of the company. For this reason, Liu Guanghong also won the title of "excellent teacher and apprentice" for five consecutive years from 2014 to 2019.

Liu Guanghong's wife is also a skilled craftsman. For ten years, the husband and wife have worked hard and played their part in their work. When they first arrived in Mianyang, the couple rented a house near the airport. Because it was far away from the factory, they went to and from work almost through half of Mianyang City. In addition, sometimes the work tasks are heavy and there are many overtime hours. In order to work more safely, the two people discussed and moved to the vicinity of Changhong plant area, which not only saves time, but also Liu Guanghong can arrive at the plant in the shortest time once there is a problem in the production line.
"Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead". This is the signature of Liu Guanghong's wechat. All along, he used these eight words to spur himself and remind him of his original intention to learn technology. Nowadays, Liu Guanghong's daily life is very simple. His family, the factory area, creates his own value between the two points. He is like a screw, ordinary and ordinary, but it is these unsightly ordinary, but it is the indispensable treasure of Changhong.

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