In the hot summer, what are these Changhong people doing in the dim light?
The night is already deep, and the hour hand points to 1 a.m. quietly. The noisy workshop is quiet now. However, in the second floor of the multimedia Mianyang intelligent factory, the film wrapping area of the whole machine is bright with lights. The rapid bundling sound of braided tape and the occasional voice of exchange of views sound very clear in the quiet night. It turns out that they are busy with the timely delivery of products.

At the end of the day, there is no complaint about coordinated operations
Since the end of April to the middle of May, the production tasks of 908 project products of hc7 line and 75 inch super large screen products of hc8 line have come one after another, and the production delivery time is urgent. Compared with the former semi-automatic production line, the new automatic production equipment and intelligent control system are on the stage. The previous processes such as manual handling of the whole machine, manual folding of cartons, and manual stacking are all completed by the machine, effectively improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of the operator.
However, due to the particularity of 75 inch complete machine support, each complete machine needs to be manually supported by a single wooden support to be separately transferred to the finished product warehouse for support bundling, which has increased a lot of work invisibly. In the case of special tension of production line personnel, it can not reach the rhythm of offline and bundling synchronization in a short period of time; while the 908 project product, due to its special quality sampling method and special batch In general, when the production line ends at 21:30 on the night shift, the complete machine of the same batch passing the overall spot check can print the pallet label and bind and wrap the film for shipment. In the case of special products in both production lines, higher requirements are put forward for production line operation in a short time.

In order to ensure the timely delivery of the offline whole machine and minimize the impact of objective factors on production, the company's administrative leaders take the lead, organize relevant functional directors and production teams to actively coordinate and cooperate, assign personnel to work overtime until midnight to assault the whole machine of special products to be bundled, entrusted, delivered and shipped, adhere to "solve the problem of the day", and clear all obstacles for the whole machine to be put into storage in time.

"In order not to affect the warehousing of 75 complete machines and the timely delivery of 908 project products, and to make use of the problems solved after work, we will try our best to solve them after work." Participate in overtime production line backbone personnel to say lightly. Behind them, there are production management personnel, team management personnel, and relevant coordination personnel... All of them cooperate and cooperate with each other in fighting, and there is no complaint about working overtime any later.
On a hot summer night, with the passion of everyone chasing after each other and the unity and struggle of everyone, the most ordinary figures in the place with dim lights will be lit, just like a bright light in the night, creating one surprise after another for us!

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