He used 8 years to stick to inject soul into Changhong's product
Today, we walk in together with microenterprises. Xia Changping, director of quality management department of Changhong Huayi compression, is a Changhong fighter who interprets "live up to" with a firm attitude.
Product quality is the life of an enterprise. The better the product quality is, the higher people's trust in the brand will be. If the enterprise wants to realize the benign development, it must pay attention to the management of product quality.
In the face of this trust, Xia Changping uses his actions to tell us what is "live up to".
In 1998, Xia Changping, 20, joined Changhong Huayi Compressor Co., Ltd. as an operator of machining workshop. Step by step from the grass-roots level, he understands the production process of products and the ups and downs of employees.
On the road of deepening reform and improving product quality, Xia Changping writes Changhong people's perseverance with a indomitable attitude of struggle.

"Five services" pursuing excellent product quality
For product management, Xia Changping adopts a comprehensive, all staff, whole process quality management mode, and implements "five services": service staff, service market, service development, service production and service provider. For each "service", he has his own understanding and thinking.
He understands that people are the foundation of any organization and work. He said that only when employees are served well can product quality be "soul". Market customers are the food and clothing parents of enterprises. Only when the customers are satisfied can there be continuous orders. Therefore, every time the customer comes to audit, he will carefully organize the planning and arrangement to make the customer feel valued, professional and improve the satisfaction of the user.

In 2018, in order to answer a question from a Fuji customer in Japan, Xia Changping spent two days in the field of various verification and communication, and finally satisfied the customer, and successfully achieved the batch supply of that year.
In the Coca Cola project at the beginning of 2019, there was an expert who worked in the Coca Cola audit team at that time. He was very satisfied with the profession and service of Changhong Huayi Company, and said that Changhong's level was no less than that of enbrako! The success of this project laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive coverage of Coca Cola commercial cabinet by Huayi commercial aircraft.
In 2019, Changhong Huayi achieved 94.23% of user satisfaction, an increase of 2.18% over 2018; the user complaint rate was 0.36%, a decrease of 70% over the previous year.
Quality control to build a first-class brand
On the way of quality control, Xia Changping said that the most difficult problem encountered was the unknown application of new fields of commercial product customers.
Once, a customer who was working as a cold dryer mentioned that the compressor was working in a state similar to "rain". Because the waterproof requirements of the external electrical parts of the compressor are far higher than the existing waterproof standards of the compressor, Xia Changping and his team worked together to study the waterproof mechanism of the compressor on the cold dry machine of the power department of the company. Through repeated tests, they optimized the waterproof structure and solved the problem.

At present, most of the manufacturing industry is upstream and downstream chain manufacturing. Supply chain quality is the basis of product quality. Only good materials can make good products.
Therefore, in order to meet the quality requirements of global commercial customers, Xia Changping and his team analyze and investigate the current situation, find out the improvement points, and organize similar suppliers to discuss. Let the suppliers with high CPK experience introduction, joint analysis, discussion and exchange, formulate countermeasures and implement improvement.
Before the implementation of the project, the incoming materials shall be determined according to the standards, and the supplier's support ability shall be improved by means of the project. Focusing on the improvement of the quality of incoming materials of Coca Cola project, the CPK of 13 suppliers and 26 CTQ projects was improved to more than 1.0, which improved the supply chain support capability.

Behind the outstanding achievements are Xia Changping's 8-year service and dedication, and the outstanding achievements of countless Changhong people's professionalism. Looking forward to 2020, Xia Changping's goal is to help the company to build a quality brand, achieve the industry's first-class quality level to lead the market, and lay a solid foundation for the company from large to strong.
Quality is the best business card of the enterprise. Xia Changping's pursuit and dedication to product quality infuse the soul into the product. We believe that the supply of every qualified product is his best interpretation of "live up to" principle!

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