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Do you remember being invited to be a guest of strawberry studio last week? That's right. It's one of our four technology heroes, because it's too late to drive the anchor crazy, Tang Bo, chief scientist of Changhong information security laboratory. Of course, his unusual performance and popularity in the live broadcast room are obvious to all, so microenterprise took advantage of the heat and produced a new interview with the God of men, taking you into the world of Tang Bo, to understand the beginning and end of his relationship with the Internet of things and Changhong.
He was born in a medical family, but he fell in love with computers when he was young. With the support of his parents, he continued to explore the path of computer science. At that time, young people full of blood stepped out of the country to study and further study. When their studies were successful and their career took off, they returned to the motherland with a simple patriotic heart and vowed to make a world in the turbulent world of the Internet of things. He is Tang Bo, chief scientist of Changhong information security laboratory.

1. Ordinary teenagers love to practice their life ideals
"From my childhood, I didn't seem to have any extraordinary talent, including medicine." Tang Bo, born in Guang'an, Sichuan Province in the mid-1980s, was born into a medical family in Wuhan, Hubei Province. However, Tang Bo showed more enthusiasm in other fields, such as painting, calligraphy, basketball, etc., which not only cultivated his straightforward personality, but also planted the seeds of courage to explore perseverance. In particular, his strong hands-on ability and the habit of observing and thinking make him feel like a treasure when he meets a computer.

In the late 1990s, many primary schools began to equip computer rooms. After waiting in line for more than an hour, Tang Bo, a fourth grade student, was "lucky" to knock on the return train seriously under the guidance of his teacher. This is Tang Bo's first contact with computers. When he went home to tell his parents about it, the engineer's father asked him if he liked computers. The young Tang Bo just felt new at that time, and he replied that he liked computers. I didn't expect that my father spent a lot of money to buy back an assembled computer, which made Tang Bo's life and computer inextricably linked.

"It really made me realize that it was high school when I was fascinated by computers. At that time, I was particularly interested in studying the structure of computers and programming," Tang said. I can't get out of computer enthusiast magazine As for the University, Tang Bo was still vague at that time, but there was a clear goal: To study computer related majors. Good computer schools are all in famous universities, and the goal determines the logic, so he made up his mind at that time to get a good university first.

In the year of college entrance examination, Tang Bo played an extraordinary role in the difficulty of the topic, and was admitted by Huazhong University of science and technology with high scores. He entered the newly established Department of information security under the school of computer science and became a student of the first information security undergraduate class of Huazhong University of science and technology. At that time, the school of computer science of Huazhong University of science and technology ranked in the top three undergraduate courses of the Ministry of education in China.
2. Low altitude flight and precise guidance
"I think most people have the same talent. Whether they study or work, if they want to make beautiful waves in their limited life, they must learn to choose between them." Tang Bo said that he always skimmed over the things he was not interested in with the attitude of "flying at low altitude", that is, to complete these objectively necessary things with the minimum cost and consumption, so as to free more time and energy, lock in the things he was really interested in, and complete the precise guidance of life goals. He is fascinated by all the subjects he is interested in, such as compiling principles, access control, architecture and so on. This way of thinking based on interest has been gradually brought to his work and life. Although his interests and hobbies are very extensive, as long as he is selected, he will continue to move forward step by step, forming a strong potential.

After graduating from University, Tang Bo worked in the information security department of a famous financial enterprise in Shenzhen for three years. In the past three years, he has been in the position of information security engineer, fully combining his learning with practice, making great progress in career development. "Through continuous practice, we can see our own shortcomings clearly. Similarly, in practice, I am also exploring the future of this industry." Tang Bo said that after three years of work, he has made it clear that the pursuit of information security technology is the direction of his career. After applying for the full scholarship of the computer doctor program of the University of Texas at San Antonio, he resolutely quit his superior job, stayed away from the familiar living environment, flew across the ocean and went to the United States for further study.
In the Institute of Cyberspace Security at the University of Texas, San Antonio, Tang Bo successfully graduated from the original five-year doctoral program in four years, and published many influential academic papers in the cloud security industry. In the field that he is really interested in, Tang Bo has shown extraordinary wisdom and talent. But Tang Bo attributed it to choice and perseverance. "I don't think it's talent, but choice and persistence. First, make your own choice, and then stick to it. Naturally, you can run faster and jump farther in the field you really pursue."
2. "Changhong pure land" in the world of quick success and instant benefit
With more than ten years of information security technology, Tang Bo soon got a foothold in Silicon Valley and was recruited by Samsung North America Research Institute with favorable treatment, mainly responsible for the research and development of mobile device privacy protection system. However, it was not long before this stage, which brought together the top talents in the most cutting-edge computer science field, made him feel the limitations. Problems such as the slow progress of large companies in pursuit of stable R & D and narrow promotion channels gradually emerged.
Soon, Tang Bo left Samsung and joined a hybrid cloud technology start-up company in Silicon Valley. He became No.001 employee of the company and started a business trip. After nearly three years of trial and error, the team and products have gained considerable strength, but due to the sudden change of market wind direction, the project stopped abruptly.

The setback of this business failure made Tang Bo fall into a period of thinking, and he turned his eyes to the motherland on the other side of the ocean. In the case of many well-known domestic enterprises with high salaries, Tang Bo still followed his consistent style of taking an unusual road and chose the emerging industry field of Internet of things security.
In the autumn of 2017, Tang Bo entered Changhong through the "Tianfu talent travel activity" in Chengdu high tech Zone. "In recent years, I found that the more tuyere industry is, the more eager most companies are to make profits, but Changhong is different. Changhong people's persistence and pursuit of technology, as well as rich Internet of things application scenarios, have attracted me deeply. In a sense, Changhong provides a pure land of Technology with huge treasures, waiting for us to explore and develop, so that we can focus on nothing else Abandon the noise and carry out technical exploration and research in industry and academia. " Tang said that's the most important reason why he chose to go to Changhong, and Chengdu is also his favorite city.

Since joining Changhong in 2018, in more than two years, Tang Bo has led the team to design and develop a secure and reliable voiceprint payment prototype system for Changhong's new generation of smart TV, improving the user interaction experience. At the same time, by using blockchain technology, the core mechanism of "Internet of things passport" is put forward first and published in the international access control summit. This mechanism can effectively solve the problem of trusted collaboration of cross domain and cross platform devices in smart home and more extensive Internet of things application scenarios, break the data barrier between heterogeneous devices, and provide a new idea for the discussion of Internet of things security.
4. Understanding the way of balance in love and perception

"Since I chose my favorite major, life is doomed to be a journey of struggle. However, there is no end to struggle in the field of science. To maintain a young mentality and passion for struggle, it needs the love and perception in life to bring nourishment and inspiration." After joining Changhong, Tang Bo said, he settled down in Chengdu, and his wife resigned from her hometown to accompany her son to grow up happily in the city. Soon, his daughter was born here. After work, he was almost with his family. In love and being loved, he felt the harmony of life. At the same time, a balanced life became the driving force of his career development.

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