In 2019, the top 100 list of electronic products was released, and Changhong ran
On July 18, the press conference of top 100 electronic information enterprises of China Electronic Information Industry Federation in 2019 and the Industrial Development Summit Forum of "innovative energy gathering and intelligent coastal manufacturing" opened in Tianjin. This meeting was hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Federation. At the meeting, the development of top 100 electronic information enterprises and the list of top 100 electronic information enterprises in 2019 (the 33rd session) were released. Changhong, together with Huawei, Lenovo, Haier and other well-known enterprises, was shortlisted in the top 100, ranking in the top 10.

It is understood that the ranking is based on the electronic information product manufacturing enterprises, the scale, efficiency and R & D innovation of enterprises as the main basis, as well as the comprehensive review of enterprise development strategy, and finally the list is formed.

In 2018, Sichuan Changhong delivered a good report card: the sales share of refrigerator compressor business in the global and domestic market ranks first, the sales volume of color TV and refrigerator products ranks first, and it comprehensive service business leads the industry In this year, the sales scale of Sichuan Changhong Electronic Holding Group Co., Ltd. reached 122 billion yuan, with double growth in revenue and profit. Since the launch of the first Ai TV in 2016, Changhong has established its leading position in the field of AI appliances with its rapid iteration in AI technology.
Changhong is not just a smart family from home appliances. On the basis of consolidating the advantages of home appliance sector, Changhong has transformed into a platform-based technology innovation leader with more development space, evolving from a simple hardware manufacturing enterprise to a user service platform and an open intelligent manufacturing service platform.

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