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The novel coronavirus pneumonia spread from Wuhan to the whole country at the beginning of the new year. For a time, the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of production became the top priority of all industries in the country. During the critical period, Zhang Yujie, the driver of Changhong multimedia Hefei manufacturing branch, returned to work early after the Spring Festival, bravely undertook the work of receiving and transporting epidemic prevention materials and returning personnel, and contributed to the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the resumption of work.
"I have to stand up. I have to go at any risk."
During the epidemic period, in order to avoid infection, people all over the country responded to the government's call to stay at home. Zhang Yujie could have stayed at home safely. However, when he learned that the staff returning from other places could not take a taxi and needed to pick up the epidemic prevention materials urgently purchased by branches and needed to receive the goods in time and transport them back to the park area, he did not hesitate to drive back to the post after doing a good job in personal protection. In the face of the family's advice, Zhang Yujie firmly replied: "I am Changhong's employee. In this critical period, the company needs me. I have to stand up, and I have to go at any risk." 

In order to transport materials and ensure the safety of returning employees, Zhang Yujie carefully disinfects the vehicles before each departure, and provides necessary anti epidemic supplies and appliances with the vehicles.
On the afternoon of February 3, when the first colleague who returned from other places saw Zhang Yujie's familiar face at the exit of the high-speed railway station, he was very excited and greeted him excitedly: "Master Zhang, thank you so much for coming to pick me up at this time!" But Zhang Yujie waved with a smile: in a special period, keep a safe distance!
On February 4, in order to ensure stricter, more detailed and more practical prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the branch, and to make preparations for the resumption of work and production in advance, he Zhen, general manager of the branch, and his colleagues took a civil aviation flight from Mianyang to Nanjing directly. Affected by the epidemic prevention and control, the public transportation from Nanjing to Hefei was completely stopped. After receiving the receiving notice, Zhang Yujie got up at less than six o'clock, put the thermometer, mask, alcohol, disinfectant and other anti epidemic supplies on the car, and set off for Nanjing. 

It snowed heavily in Hefei and its surrounding areas on February 3. It was extremely cold. Zhang Yujie drove with the heating as usual. Unexpectedly, there are 8 anti epidemic inspection stations along the way from Hefei to Nanjing airport. Information registration, temperature measurement and vehicle disinfection are required for each station. Due to the heating, Zhang Yujie showed that his temperature was too high to be released when taking temperature measurements at the first two checkpoints. However, he had to get out of the car and wait for the temperature to be normal before passing the temperature measurement. In order to catch up, Zhang Yujie simply turned off the air conditioner and drove against the cold in the rest of the road, finally arrived at the airport before the flight arrived, and safely took the leaders and colleagues back to Hefei.
"Good master" Zhang Yujie
Hefei Changhong Industrial Park is a key epidemic prevention and control Park in Hefei. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in the park, the government has allocated a professional medical staff for the park. Affected by the public traffic control during the epidemic prevention period, the medical staff needs to send cars to pick up and send each day. Because the home of the medical staff is more than 20 kilometers away from Zhang Yujie's home and more than 20 kilometers away from the park, in order to ensure that the medical staff arrive at the park before 7:30 every day, Zhang Yujie has to get up at 5:30 every day, set out to pick up the staff at 6:00, and take charge of sending the medical staff home after work. Zhang Yujie has been going out early and coming back late for more than a month. 

During the epidemic period, the Division has made detailed regulations on the dining time and location of each unit's personnel in sections. In order to let colleagues have more time to work, Zhang Yujie took the initiative to take charge of receiving and distributing boxed meals for office colleagues. Zhang Yujie's office area is on the fourth floor, and the elevators in the office building have all been out of use during the epidemic prevention and control period. Every noon, everyone can see Zhang Yujie carrying two bags of boxed rice panting from the first floor to the fourth floor, and then delivering the boxed rice to his colleagues one by one. Everyone affectionately called him our "good master".
Since joining Changhong in 2009, Zhang Yujie has always adhered to the idea of safety first in the ordinary post of driver. Since driving the vehicle, there has been no accident, and it is always on call, no shelf, no condition, no price, no pain, no tiredness at work. When you have free time, you can either clean and maintain the vehicle or help your colleagues do this and that. You seldom sit down in the office and rest, which is recognized and praised by your colleagues. 

In this special period, there are always some people who are not afraid of danger or against the wind. They silently give and selflessly contribute on ordinary posts. Zhang Yujie is such a person.
Based on Zhang Yujie's outstanding performance in the process of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, the branch epidemic prevention and control headquarters has twice praised and rewarded him. 

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