Under the epidemic situation, how to move Changhong smoothly
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the company's development, Changhong new energy Co., Ltd. has taken strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic, focused on the market and orders, and made full use of the Spring Festival holiday to speed up the relocation of the new plant area in riverside town, so as to ensure the three aspects of epidemic prevention, resumption and relocation, and resolutely win the "Shangganling campaign" of comprehensive resumption of production.
Coordinate the epidemic prevention deployment and ensure the safety of employees
In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, new energy company puts the life safety of its employees first, under the leadership of general manager Guo long of the company, holds meetings for many times to deploy in advance, establishes special working group, implementation group, emergency response group and epidemic prevention material procurement group, and completes the epidemic prevention material procurement, plant disinfection, staff temperature detection, epidemic prevention and control investigation, epidemic prevention and control in advance Arrangement and preparation of emergency treatment, staff dining, transportation, production raw materials and materials guarantee during the epidemic.
Since January 26th, the company has made urgent arrangements in advance according to the spread of the new crown virus epidemic situation and the requirements of the group. The company has used all kinds of resources to urgently purchase epidemic prevention materials such as disinfectant, alcohol, respirator, electric sprayer, etc., and has formulated the company's epidemic prevention work plan, set up the epidemic prevention and control organization, has defined the duty, refined the prevention and control measures, and ordered the departments to discharge in advance. Check the detailed itinerary and physical condition of all employees during the Spring Festival, determine the list of return to work; disinfect the factory in advance to ensure normal return to work. After confirming that it meets the requirements of prevention and control of the epidemic situation of the group company's early work units, the company has passed strict and strict personnel travel screening. At present, the return rate of Mianyang headquarters, Changhong Sanjie and Changhong Feishi has reached 100%, and the capacity utilization rate has exceeded 100%.
Leaders of the group come in person to command anti epidemic and return to work
Zhao Yong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Changhong company, and Mo Wenwei, head of energy and environmental protection BG, visited the old plant area of Changhong new energy company and the new plant area of riverside town for many times to inspect the resumption of work and epidemic prevention. 

Add enough horsepower, resume production and guarantee the order
In 2020, the company is faced with relocation. In order to reduce the impact of relocation on order delivery, the company set up a relocation commando during the Spring Festival holiday, gave up the vacation, and devoted itself to the relocation work to ensure the orderly progress of the relocation project. All production lines of the company are in normal operation, and all departments and teams, under the premise of doing well in epidemic prevention work, quickly return to a tense working state and make every effort to guarantee orders. From February 1 to now, the company has added 110 million orders, up 113% year on year. 

In the special period, under the premise of doing well in enterprise epidemic prevention and control measures, the 17 production lines of Changhong new energy Co., Ltd. will be fully opened, and take advantage of the opportunity of new plant relocation to accelerate intelligent manufacturing and ensure the normal supply of the market.
In addition, the new energy company also spare no effort to rescue the first-line battery demand, using the Spring Festival to return to work overtime in advance to provide various types of batteries to Chengdu Fanming, Jiangsu Yuyue and other medical equipment companies for Wuhan first-line electronic medical equipment. At the same time, we will provide free assistance to the group company and Changhong hospital for 5 × 10, 7 × 10, 9V, buttons and other battery products for epidemic prevention.

Make progress to ensure safety and smooth relocation
In order to speed up the implementation of the company's overall strategic relocation layout, grasp the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, and improve the company's intelligent manufacturing level, Changhong new energy company actively promotes the relocation while doing well in epidemic prevention and control and grasping orders.
By the end of February, DA2 production line has been completed, DA2 spot welding assembly and carbon coating equipment have been relocated and put into operation; 909 plant packaging line has been relocated; newly invested electrolyte equipment, zinc paste negative equipment and positive equipment have been put into operation; toughening box equipment, the manufacturer has arrived at the site to start construction and installation, and wastewater treatment station has been completed; lr61 nine volt carbon coating and point The welding assembly machine has been relocated and started trial operation; the vacuum cleaner and VOC unorganized discharge equipment have been relocated to the new plant area and completed commissioning and operation.  

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