Online order over 60 million yuan! Changhong has a great press conference
On March 5, Changhong Meiling China air conditioning business department innovated the dealer meeting mode. Through online live broadcast, it held a spring online new product release in Mianyang with the theme of "go hand in hand, go all the way together", sharing the latest products and leading technologies of Changhong air conditioning with dealers in China in real time.
Under the guidance of beauty anchor Mengting Meizhi, the conference visited the intelligent production Park of Changhong air conditioner online, fully demonstrated the leading technology of Changhong air conditioner and the core manufacturing strength of Changhong air conditioner, and officially opened. 

Innovation and confidence

Ren Huakai, vice general manager of Changhong Meiling China and general manager of air conditioning business division, delivered a speech at the beginning. He said that facing the dual challenges of the industry and economic environment, Changhong air conditioning will follow the trend, respond to the drastic changes in the industry, integrate internal resources, deeply integrate product lines, improve operating efficiency, innovate working methods, strengthen interaction between manufacturers, and improve customer confidence. 

New products are amazing, full fire
Zhu Xi, senior training manager of Changhong Meiling China air conditioning business department, led you to experience new products one by one. Among them, the most amazing ones are Changhong chiq sleep air conditioner Q5A, q5b hang up and Changhong chiq voice texture control technology air conditioner q5d cabinet. Sleep air conditioning Q5A, q5b, the industry's ultimate silence 16 decibels, to create a new benchmark in the industry; innovation "three sleep four degrees" to create the best solution of sleep air conditioning, create a comfortable sleep environment, redefine the bedroom dedicated air conditioning. Voiceprint sensing technology air conditioner q5d cabinet machine is repaired both inside and outside, the industry's largest aviation aluminum alloy integrated body, strong and aggressive, the industry's first voiceprint sensing technology, showing the intelligent nature. 

Amazing products push online live broadcasting to a small climax, with 80000 live viewers, 30000 interactive messages and 50000 live fans. 

Policies in place and orders placed continuously 

Zhou Qiang, head of marketing department of Changhong Meiling China air conditioning division, explained the new product policy and promised to give priority to the new product source of the single customer in the world. Once released, the policy has aroused strong response from customers and set off a climax of placing orders at the conference. As of 24:00 on March 5, 20000 + sets of new Q5A + q5b + q5d models have been ordered online, with the billing amount exceeding 60 million +. 

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