After 20 hours of hard work, the first product of Changhong precision double Inn
In the early morning of July 29, the working group of Changhong precision company was boiling up! The group of thumbs up one after another, praise the first product in the innovation and entrepreneurship Park successfully offline shipment!
Under the overall arrangement of the company, the whole manufacturing plant of the precision company must complete the relocation target of the innovation and entrepreneurship Park by the end of August, and ensure the timely delivery of orders. Facing the heavy order task at present, in order to realize the smooth relocation goal of the innovation and entrepreneurship Park, all departments of the company cooperate closely. Leaders at all levels take the lead and lead their own teams on the road of relocation. In about 40 days, it is a great challenge for the factory to achieve the goal of relocation while completing the heavy production tasks!
The task is to order. Jingyongdong, the director of the whole machine factory, launched a call and put forward a request: "mobilize all resources, mobilize every employee! According to the relocation plan of the factory, we will not give any reason or condition, complete the target of the day with quality and quantity, and make preparations for the next day! " Whether it's the scorching sun or the torrential rain, this group of "masters" in the whole machine factory are constantly running around and busy. 

According to the division of labor in advance, each relocation team performs its own duties: the technical team of process equipment competes for time, transfers, installs and debugs the production equipment; the production planning management group reasonably adjusts the production plan according to the market demand and the complete set of materials, and organizes personnel to work in batches to the new plant area to ensure the delivery of orders; the comprehensive management group coordinates the logistics support of shuttle bus, dining and safety in advance; the party and government The working group and functional personnel voluntarily give up the weekend break and go to the new plant area for comprehensive cleaning The staff of each team overcame the environmental difficulties in the special period of relocation and worked overtime to complete the production task. 

Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, the whole machine factory successfully completed the relocation and started production in the first production line F of shuangchuang park on July 27! On the morning of the second day of production, line F, still in the "running in period", received the first urgent production task. In order to meet the delivery needs of customers, the factory supervisors take the lead to guide the production overtime, the relevant technical personnel fully cooperate and support, and the production line staff of line f race against the clock and actively catch up with the goods. 

It's late at night, and the second floor of A101 is still full of lights. Through continuous efforts for nearly 20 hours, the first product of the new factory was successfully delivered at 0:00 on July 29, ensuring the delivery demand of customers. 

The relocation of the innovation and entrepreneurship Park has been in full swing, and the whole machine manufacturing plant of the precision company has all staff            We will continue to play the spirit of being able to bear hardships, dare to fight, fight without fear of difficulties, and forge ahead bravely, and resolutely and successfully fight this crucial battle of relocation! 

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