With only three moves, Zhongshan Changhong overcame the first half of the year
In January 2020, when the wind is calm, Zhongshan Changhong has set a goal of "making a good start in the first quarter and increasing revenue by 50%", and intends to make a big start after the new year. But the outbreak of new coronavirus, affected by the epidemic, only 20% of the planned production was completed in February, which met the lowest production month in history in peak season.
In order to achieve a turnaround in the face of adversity, under the guidance of Yang Jin, general manager of Changhong Meiling international marketing headquarters, and under the leadership of Huang Herong, general manager of Zhongshan Changhong, Zhongshan Changhong quickly adjusted its strategy, researched and developed new products, carried out labor competitions, and expanded e-commerce channels. With more setbacks and bravery, Zhongshan Changhong finally created milestone achievements: sales revenue increased by 10% in the first half of the year compared with the same period last year, and the profit was also increased by 10% The performance of the indicators is good, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual revenue and profit indicators.

Fighting for 40 days and producing 510000 sets
Because the output in February was too low, everyone in Zhongshan Changhong was very anxious, and the customers were in a panic. Because air conditioning is a seasonal product, it is a year for customers to miss summer. Under such circumstances, general manager Huang Herong organized meetings every day to investigate the supply chain, production, human resources and epidemic development, and made the deployment of "fighting for 40 days and producing 510000 sets" according to the actual situation. 

In order to achieve this goal, Zhongshan Changhong started the night shift for the first time. Cadres at all levels responded in turn. Colleagues with manufacturing experience in the platform department actively supported the manufacturing department. At the same time, with the help of Mianyang headquarters, Hongyuan and air conditioning company, and the support of Guangdong Changhong and Guanghong molding, Zhongshan Changhong is full of morale, enthusiasm and dedication to work. With determination and struggle, the highest historical output in March and the largest monthly delivery amount in April were achieved.
In 21 days, UVC healthy air conditioner was born
Under the epidemic situation, people are in danger, and health has become a major concern of everyone. How to bring health blessings to customers is an urgent problem to be solved. According to the epidemic situation and customer demand, marketing company put forward the demand of developing UVC air conditioner. The R & D personnel responded immediately, worked overtime to determine the plan and formulate the corresponding development plan, and accelerated the implementation of the plan. It took only 21 days from the project approval to the completion of the development. Now, a large number of UVC air conditioners have gone abroad, bringing cool and healthy to overseas users under the epidemic situation, and bringing new orders to the company. 

Live broadcast of Canton Fair, day and night 

From March to may, we put together production, guaranteed delivery, and everything was going well. However, new difficulties were coming. The global market was suspended due to the epidemic situation in foreign countries. Some customers delayed their orders and some cancelled their orders. Zhongshan Changhong fought hard to win the battle of production protection, but ushered in a shortage of orders. Vigorously develop new customers and promote new products has become a new problem. 

As a result, marketing companies took the opportunity to practice "e-commerce internationalization, embrace new media", and launched online Canton Fair. In order to give customers a better experience, Chen Wenjuan, the general manager of marketing company, chose a more difficult live broadcast between live broadcast and video broadcast. After rehearsal, rehearsal, and rehearsal, the live broadcast is online, adapting to the time difference. Overseas business staff are on duty 24 hours a day, and Changhong air conditioning is finally connected with the world. The success of the online Canton Fair ensures the revenue of the third quarter and makes the achievement of the fourth quarter worth looking forward to. 

Set sail again in July, charging for the annual performance target
From January to may, the customs data showed that the export growth rate of Zhongshan Changhong was the first in the industry, which is a proud achievement. However, the achievements belong to the past, and it still needs continuous efforts to achieve the annual performance targets. In July, Zhongshan Changhong set sail again. 

In the second half of the year, Zhongshan Changhong will carry out various work around "saving quantity and grasping increment", and "grasp opportunities and build capacity internally" from marketing planning, new product development, internal logistics improvement and efficiency improvement, and strive to exceed the annual performance target. We are ready. Just do it!

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