Changhong network technologies Co.,Ltd's new factory has been completed
On July 15, Changhong network company held a grand opening ceremony of its new factory in riverside town industrial park
Li Cheng, general manager of network company, Li Peng, deputy general manager, Chen Xingyi, general manager of operation management center, and Tang Jun, director of the production plant, attended the commencement ceremony. Nearly 100 representatives of the main leaders, key employees and factory employees of the network company attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, director Tang Jun delivered a welcome speech, vice general manager Li Peng congratulated him, and general manager Li Cheng made an important speech.

Li Cheng, general manager, pointed out that 2020 is the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the network company. In the past 15 years, the company has been transformed from a business unit to an independent company. All previous managers and employees have worked hard and fulfilled their mission. The company has grown into an important strategic partner worthy of trust from domestic and foreign radio and television, telecom and ecological operators. The new factory is fully started, production equipment, manufacturing technology, information management and other comprehensive upgrading, advanced production and manufacturing capacity is an important support for the transformation and development of network technology companies, which has epoch-making significance.

Xiongguan road is really like iron, and now step over from the beginning. It is hoped that the full commencement of the new factory will open the brilliant future of the network technology company in the next 15 years.

Then, the host invited the guests and leaders to cut the ribbon for the start of the new plant, and the commencement ceremony of the new plant of the network company was announced to be successfully concluded.

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