Changhong group is one of the most famous electronic company in China found in 1958. Its brand value had reached 21 billion US dollars by 2018.

Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. is an independent subsidiary under Changhong group devoted specifically to Digital Television products, Networking products and IoT products. In this era of IoT, Our company provides end-to-end solutions to network operators, ecological operators, business operators and industry users. The product range covers terminal devices, network products, business system platform, application software, system deployment and such.

Core values

Work hard and share with others

Firmware is updated iteratively to detect different brands and different types of vehicles accurately and quickly. Feature matching algorithm can monitor the whole parking process. The algorithm automatically filters sidecar interference. Three-axis geomagnetic sensor is used to inspect spatial geomagnetic changes in all directions. Chip + algorithm dual filtering, adaptive to different magnetic field environment. 
"Dedication" is the basic quality and professional accomplishment of all employees, honesty and pragmatism, professional focus, user first, pursuing performance, advocating "I can do what I can do, not take the next place", creating the greatest value of individuals in the organization; "Duty", that is, due diligence, initiative, courage to undertake, and strive to achieve goals. 

Enterprise mission

Create imaginative products and services

Basic Code of Conduct for Employees

Compliance with discipline and law, honesty and pragmatism, customer first, professional focus

Innovation, Creation, Duty, Solidarity and Cooperation, Pursuing Performance

"Create and share together", all employees create enterprise value through innovation, follow the principle of fairness and justice, and share the development achievements of the enterprise. Emphasis is placed on innovative creation and teamwork, user-centered, cohesive, wind and rain in the same boat. Struggle in Changhong, achievement in Changhong. 

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